Decorating a Small Living Room Tricks and Tips

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There is no bigger challenge for designers than rearranging too small spaces. You know how day say: “small room brings big troubles”. And really, giving a new look to a miniature living room can become stressful and tricky job. This is why majority of householders leave this job to professions. There is nothing bad in hiring people who are specialized in decoration small spaces, but we are convinced everyone can do it. Of course, this requires some work, but we are not talking about mining or something like that for god sake.

Here are a few tips of professional designers you can use to convert your mini living room into a cozy place. If you do this, you will not be freaking out every time when your friends need to come to visit you.

Use appropriate appliances

As we all know, a living room is one of the most used rooms in the house, meaning that we spend a lot time there. It is also a room where we hang around with our beloved or guests. So, having a bunch of “plus size” devices in such small room would be disaster. You should use smaller units instead. For example, if you want a beverage center right under the window, you should pick smaller models like those from Danby or Avanti. It is obvious that you do not want to fulfill your small living space with giant electric appliances, even if they look so cool.

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Be creative

Creativity is the only thing you will need in this situation. You will have to think outside the box if you want to make your apartment visually bigger. There are many great ways in which you can do it. For example, you can use magic of mirrors or colorful wallpapers. One of the biggest problems with small rooms is that they lack of natural light. With a properly positioned mirrors and appropriate wallpapers, your room will look not only bigger, but also lighter. The best place to position a mirror is just across window, because it will reflect natural light and spread it all over room.

When it comes to wallpaper colors, it is all up to you. But, remember, darker colors make surrounding space smaller. You do not have to worry about this because white is always in trend.

Use as much space as you can

Things like hidden storages and beds with specialized boxes are ideal solution for small apartments. For example, IKEA has really nice multi-functional furniture that can be used in different situation. The same as with home appliances, you should avoid big pieces.

Bring nature in your home

Even if it does not sound like this, having more plants in your apartment will make it bigger and “deeper”. Green plants are great because they fill naked corners, making them more natural. Green color mixed up with mirrors and bright wallpapers can make wonders. If you do not believe, just try it. There is always time for hiring a professional.

5 Tips For Designing A Healthier Office

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When you hear the word “office”, healthy environment is not the first thing that comes to your mind. Most people would find those two concepts to be quite contrastive. The office always operates in a rush. It is associated with nervousness, lack of proper communication between co-workers, and most of all, with immobility. However, the modern time demands sharp criticism of such working conditions and urges us to introduce dramatic changes into this, extremely important, aspect of our lives. Therefore, let us present you to a number of useful tips for making your working environment as healthy and friendly as it can get.

Make your co-workers your new best friends

They are already experiencing as much pain as you are, why not openly share it? Think about it. Who can understand you better than the people who are in the same mess as you are? You have the same tedious obligations, the same scolding boss, and probably the same health issues. I suggest you start a conversation with the co-worker you might not have had a chance to engage in a meaningful conversation. You can exchange the ideas concerning the working tasks for the current day, share the issues you have come across doing your job recently, or simply show your support by congratulating the colleague on a task well done. In a while, you will start to notice that your co-workers smile more than usual, and you will be encouraged to do the same.

Introduce your office to some plants

Whether you are an in-door or an out-door type of person, you cannot help but admit that a walk through a park is all you need to relax when having a bad day. Of course, no hard worker is able to leave his or her position when in need of this kind of relaxation. This is precisely why I recommend introducing some changes into the décor of your office. Considering the fact that you will be spending countless hours in it, you might as well make it pretty. Furthermore, it has been proven that green color can do a lot for your nerves, since it is the color that calms down. Of course, modesty is in order, and you should not overcrowd your office with a great number of plants, since you might lose too much space and, more importantly, too much oxygen.

Make the meetings as dynamic as possible

The idea of long hours spent in a chair does not sound attractive to anyone, especially when a meeting is in order, when all workers are more than welcome to give their valuable suggestions and opinions. After a while, it is inevitable to become drowsy. You will soon lose your focus and the meeting will not be as constructive as it should be. Instead of truly helping to develop the company by giving useful ideas, you will be eager to leave the meeting as soon as possible. This can easily be stopped by introducing the stand-up meetings. Make an experiment, give it a try. You might be surprised by how much good it can do to the group dynamics. Everyone will be more attentive, and the atmosphere will become more positive.

Let some air in-open the window

It is not too difficult to forget simple thing like drinking water, going on a break or opening a window when you get too engaged into your work. However, you must not forget one simple thing- we, the workers are, after all, only humans. We should not disregard our basic needs. Always keep in mind the idea that water, food and air are our fuel, and make sure you always have enough of them.

Choose furniture that is keeps your back safe

Since you will be spending a lot of time behind a desk make sure that your back and neck are well supported and that your computer screen is at the same height as your head. As far as desks are concerned, there is an excellent offer for height adjustable desks at Rockdale Office Furnishers in Sydney that is perfect for working while both sitting and standing and is able to accommodate different heights and preferences. The motto for this desk is: “Stand tall for healthy workplaces”. You can find more information at:

I am sure you will all agree that these simple tips are applicable to every type of office. Do not hesitate to try them out. There must be at least one that will make your working hours more tolerable, if not even enjoyable.

Beautiful Living Room Wedding Décor Ideas

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An at home wedding is just perfect for a small, beautiful ceremony & reception. A main problem in holding a ceremony at home is having enough space. In case the living room is spacious, it’ll be great for a smaller ceremony. Décor will be the element which completely changes a familiar living space into a most beautiful wedding venue.

Tip 1

Cover all couches & loungers with beautifully white linens or linens in the colours of your wedding theme. That will definitely help change your living space into a sophisticated setting. That’ll protect your sofa from champagne and red vine too.

Tip 2

For a special ambiance, make sure you keep the living room lighting low & soft. Scattering a lot of lanterns along with decorative lighting is a great idea. So, try to be creative with the lighting and match them with other wedding accessories. Use crystal and sleek glass holders for a glamorous look, stone as well as wooden holders for a more traditional look or stainless-steel for a super stylish feel. And for a modern ceremony, use bolder lighting, for example tiny spotlights, candlelight or perhaps a fancy disco ball chandelier.

Tip 3

Run a blue or yellow piece of fabric down the intended aisle for the wedding procession. Line the runner with lace for a romantic touch. Most importantly, don’t forget to scatter red and white rose petals on the floor, concentrating on the place where your wedding vows will be made.

Tip 3

The flowers should not be subtle, but bold. You should add a flower arrangement where you will exchange wedding vows.

Tip 4

Use a stereo draped with white or lace linen and put a floral arrangement on it. In case you have enough space for a live combo, designate a corner of your den for the band, set away from your guests.

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